• Entertain

    groups of 4 to 400 with "Be the Hit of the Party!"

    It's a delivery platform sure to create team fun by combining music and clever, event-specific content (trivia) in a game format.

  • Engage

    every member of the audience - introverts and extroverts alike!

    The game creates contagious fun in a non-threatening way.

    Teams bond while they collaboratively try to select correct answers and improve their score.

  • Surprise

    your audience with twists, turns and segues from content freely associated with a song or artist.

    Song title, lyrics, subject, year of release and other attributes create unexpected connections to trivia questions.

    Never underestimate the power of the pun!

  • Build Teams

    through playing the game, organizing an event, hosting an event, developing content and/or selecting songs.

    Team members naturally and instinctively interact when playing the game - even if they are complete strangers.

  • Raise Funds

    for your organization, for a local charity or simply to cover your licensing costs.

    Sponsors will love seeing their name embedded within the game.

  • Inform

    using this game platform as a delivery mechanism.

    Make your next presentation or training session interactive and fun!

    Present new material or reinforce learning in a creative way.

  • Customize

    trivia questions, photos, animations and marquee displays for your event.

    Use our content, supply your own or mix and match!

    Every event is completely unique.

  • Share

    the system with your employees, members and associates and you will become the toast of the town!

    Help them to host their own events and get the most out of your investment.


Source Trivia

I founded Source Trivia in 2008 as a creative outlet. Source Trivia provides an outlet for my four passions - application design and development, music, humor and creative writing.

“Be the Hit of the Party!”

“Be the hit of the Party” is a computer application and database of trivia content allowing you to deliver music and trivia simultaneously. A typical setup includes a Windows® PC, connection to a sound system, connection to one or more audience displays (monitor, big screen, projector, etc).

Trivia Content

Trivia is related to song attributes, either directly or through free-association. Song attributes include song title, artist name, song lyrics and year of release. It's through these associations that your music playlist generates a universe of trivia unique to your event.

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Please contact us to schedule a live demonstration. Otherwise, you can see some product features in the videos below. Please Note: Click the first link to view the product demonstration using Flash (preferred method). Otherwise, click the second link to see the demo on YouTube.
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